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Advertising[ edit hide ] Actual food products get a form of this treatment during advertisement.

Since the actual food items often don't look half as impressive when actually served, the items presented during a commercial are often doctored to look fresher and crisper than they do when an actual person eats the same item in reality. Such doctoring will include shooting the food in certain lighting and applying the culinary equivalent of makeup to make the food look more appealing.

See this video made by McDonalds explaining fat girl angle shot dating sites what goes into a food shoot. Film[ edit hide ] One of the Scary Movie films played with this trope, featuring a shot of a female ghost who was portrayed as fairly attractive Since it was impossible to use this trope in any fashion to keep her looking remotely attractive for the rest of the film, she donned a Brown Bag Mask to prevent further Fetish Retardant.

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Literature[ edit hide ] Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty Four recalls an fat girl angle shot dating sites where a hooker source slept with did up her face so the makeup would hide her age in certain lighting, as it was not immediately apparent until he was close up and they were about to do the deed.

Real Life[ edit hide ] Outside of media, makeup is often used for this purpose to disguise or downplay physical flaws. Hitler often used the Hitler Cam to make his height more impressive on film, though it was impossible to conceal in Real Life.

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However this trope was fat girl angle shot dating sites in both photographs and film to otherwise disguise how one of his arms was prone to jittery movement, which many now believe to have been his attempt to cover up a case of Parkinson's disease. Anime and Manga[ edit hide ] Chisame in Mahou Sensei Negima photoshops her online alter ego to look much fat girl angle shot dating sites attractive than she does in reality, to the point that when this secret finally comes out, she outright has to confess the images were doctored to disbelieving onlookers.

Real Life[ edit hide ] Before the debates in in Freeport, Illinois between senatorial candidates Stephen Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, a series of daguerreotypes an early form of photography drawn up for both men were doctored to make both men look more impressive, with Douglass' cheeks slimmed down to make him less stocky and Lincoln received similar treatment to make him look less gaunt.

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