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First Note The Inconspicuous Note at coordinates After being activated, the note reads: It begins in the With a most pleasing sign. These letters will not always rhyme. The seven numbers in the first line are an anagram for a date: This date was the release date of Ulduar, another in-game region. Accordingly, the next clue was found in Ulduar. You must activate this note to proceed.

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Second Note The lever that activates the light grid at coordinates When activated, a 20 by 20 grid of lights appears on the floor of the room. Each light can be individually toggled by the dating quest xt hubs official site.

The lights must be toggled into a pleasing sign, as described by the first Inconspicuous Note. This sign is a pixelated appromixation of the sigil of Mimironthe creator of both the Leviathan and Deconstructor bosses.


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The initial 20x20 light grid The correct pattern of illuminated lights Once the pattern is completed, another Inconspicuous Note appears in the center of the room, which reads as follows: years imprisoned. Surely it weighs on the mind. The note describes the Vault of C'Thunin the Temple of Ahn'Quirajwhich was sealed years ago according to the game's lore.

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At the top of the staircase there, a Mind Larva can be found on an altar. Activating the Mind Larva will begin a Jewelcraft -style minigame, named "Mindcraft", on an 8 by 8 grid floating in front of the player character's face.

In this genre of game, symbols can be swapped with their horizontal or vertical neighbors, and if that swap forms a row or column of at least 3 identical symbols, the matched symbols are removed from the grid. Symbols above the empty space fall down into it, which may cause further matches and removals, and any remaining space at the top of the grid is filled with newly generated random symbols. The Bejeweled grid The win condition for this minigame is not explained in-game, and players initially passed it by brute force.

A postmortem developer post revealed that the win condition is to match five brains in a row.

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Upon winning the minigame, the third Inconspicuous Note will appear next to the Mind Larva on the altar. It reads: Deeper than deep. The note was interpreted as a hint towards Deepholm.

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Fourth Note The Crumbling Depths, a cave in the north-east corner of Deepholm's lower reaches, contains a "dark fissure" that is only visible to players who have completed the previous step. Clicking it will alert the player that there is no exit before allowing you to enter.

Inside is a single stone chair, or seat, as described in the previous Inconspicuous Note. There is a skull upon the seat, along with a Dingy Plaque on its back.

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The cave in Deepholm, coordinates You can only make out fragments of each line of text. Racksum Greep, who can be found in Ratchet at coordinates 69, 70 While the English text contains only complete words, other languages contained nonsense fragments, which suggested the presence of an anagram. The anagram was validated in all other languages, despite the varying localizations of the ciphertext and the differences in the NPC's name.

Not being the kind of man who women to go out in the evening to meet a court in bars or discotheques, he decided to engage the help of jurisdiction agencies or single clubs both in his home country and on the internet. Excellently none of these agencies could meet his wishes.

Racksum Greep is wearing a specific mask necessary to progress: the craftable Shadoweave Mask. While the pattern for this mask was removed in a prior expansion, as of patch 7.

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