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Speed dating o que e bacia hidrografica: file:planta geral da bacia do rio do peixe - 1, acervo do museu paulista da usp.jpg

Acta Scientiarum Agronomy, v. Transporte de solutos no solo.

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Accessed on Feb 12 Entretanto, todo material publicado, torna-se propriedade da REGA, que passa a reservar os direitos autorais. The article sent should not be in the process of submission to another journal or agency for publication, and should not have been published previously, except as an abstract for a scientific event.

According to the single Paragraph of Article 2 of REGA Rules, the scope of the Journal covers topics related to the following subject areas: hydraulics, relations between water resources and environmental sanitation, urban water, hydrometeorology, irrigation, drainage, water quantity and quality management, hydropower, limnology, hydrogeology, erosion, sedimentation, environmental technologies, measurements and instrumentation of water resources.

Besides the identification of the authors via the system, it is requested that also via the system the file be sent in Doc with the complete name and affiliation of the authors.

This information will be used if the article is accepted for publication. The author must agree to the following conditions via the system when the manuscript is sent: Take responsibility for the other authors, if any, as co-responsible for the technical and scientific content of the article, according to Article 5 of Brazilian Law N. However, all the material published becomes the property of the REGA, which then holds the copyright.

This statement will be requested by the REGA before the article is published. The author responsible for the article will receive the electronic offprint of the publication in PDF format free of charge.

The manuscripts subdivided into parts I, II, etc, must be registered separately, but will be submitted to the same reviewers. The manuscripts may contain figures in color pictures, graphs, plots, and otherbut the maximum permissible size of the complete file is 30Mb Https://worlddating7.top/tag11/equally-yoked-dating-explained-1690.php.

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Manuscripts that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to the authors to correct the problems. If the authors do not agree with the change to the Technical Note, the speed dating o que e bacia hidrografica will be rejected.

The following guidelines should be obeyed: Configuration of the page Size of paper: A4 x mm ; Columns: one column Spacing between lines: simple; Figures or tables that exceed the width of a column should be inserted into a section at the end of the article or in an attached file: Equations must not exceed the width of a column.

Equations Whenever possible, prepare mathematical characters and equations using the Microsoft Equation available in all versions of Word from Microsoft Office, References - All references must be cited in the text and vice versa; - Citations in the text should be in small letters and references in capital letters.

The manuscript-reviewing process in the REGA is meticulous. Voluntary reviewers apply their knowledge and dedicate many hours of their precious time to ensure that the articles will be published within a defined period and will be appropriate for publication in the Journal.

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Technical review: The papers will be evaluated first as to compliance with the rules of publication and documentation required to submit the manuscripts. If they are not by the instructions, they will be returned to the authors to adapt them to the scope of the journal.

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If the manuscript is not within the expected parameters, it will be returned to the corresponding author by the Chief Editor. Pre-analysis:.

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