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Quick facts about dating violence

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31 Facts for 31 Days in Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

New resources will help educators deliver healthy relationship programming to youth in Canada June 25, - Ottawa, ON - Public Health Agency of Canada Gender-based violence, including dating violence, is a significant public health issue that can have lasting impacts on both physical and mental health. Helping teens develop skills to establish healthy relationships and educating them about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships are crucial for preventing teen dating violence.

Adolescence is a key time to teach young people the skills needed to develop healthy relationships that are free from violence and abuse. The project will develop and test four models through which educators can deliver a healthy relationship curriculum to youth. Providing new tools to educators to increase their capacity to deliver this type of programming is an important step forward in helping to prevent dating violence among youth.

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Quotes "The Government of Canada is proud to support innovative capacity-building projects for professionals working with youth. Equipping educators so that they can help youth develop the skills they need to have healthy relationships is one way that we can address and prevent gender-based violence, and foster positive mental health among young Canadians.

Ending gender-based violence is everyone's responsibility, and it is only by raising awareness, educating one another, and challenging long-held norms that we will be able to shift the dialogue to create positive change.

Providing educators with the right tools to deliver this important curriculum will help our youth succeed in developing healthy relationships throughout their lives. Together with partners from across the country and quick facts about dating violence sectors, we are excited to co-create with educators the tools that they need to promote healthy relationships among youth that are free from abuse and violence.

They may need to be supported with training and resources to deliver healthy relationship programming effectively.

The Facts on Dating Violence in Youth Relationships. Dating violence is the highest among the age group, making up 43% of all incidents of dating. Domestic Violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has been defined as a pattern of coercive control consisting of physical, psychological and/ or. Here are 25 Eye-Opening Facts About Domestic Violence You Need To Crime Data Brief, women make up 85% of domestic violence victims. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used by one individual intended (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence.

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