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Dating For Science jonlacksanh-deactivated asked: Is it ever OK to send somebody a second message when they don't respond to the first?

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I've always seen no response as a polite no, but the more online dating second message no response blogs I read, the more I see people complaining about overly persistent guys, which means tons of dudes are doing this, which makes me wonder, does this ever actually work?

Have you ever responded to a second message? Is there even a hypothetical situation where, months down the road, a snubbed suitor could redeem himself on his second try? Hey Jon, Thanks for your question.

DFS contributor Matthew P. Worthwhile is the key word there. Like, typos you can never unsee. Perhaps this is just me - but I find it difficult to juggle any more that guys at a time in terms of messaging, getting to know each other, potentially setting up dates etc.

Guys, Here's The Reason No One Is Responding To Your Messages On Tinder

It then becomes an exercise in scheduling and endurance and takes all the fun out of it, IMO. I guess it should be noted that the others kind of hinge on lack of intense interest too.

a new dating app study pinpoints exactly how long you should wait before sending a second text

That being said, I have in the past responded to a second message and in fact, just this past weekend, went out with someone who had first written me almost 2 months ago. What I think it all boils down to is this: if there is a real connection between two people and she is very interested in you and you are very interested in her, no amount of messages or online dating snafus are going to scare her away.

On the one hand, what have you got to lose? A minute of their time? My apathy was the culprit here… not necessarily non-interest.

What do you do when someone doesn’t reply to your messages?: online dating second message no response

I think her approach here is key: condense the message, lay it out there,and possibly even change tactics. If you messaged about hanging out and got no response, pull back, set up some more messaging.

So my question is, if I don't get a reply, is there any follow up message that effort to message someone a woman a second time when she didn't reply to your first effort. Check out this article on how to write a great online dating profile to make These ask for more than a yes/no answer, and dig much deeper than asking. My approach is informed by the fact that I'm terrible with non-dating If I send one and there is no response, no I will not send a second. When it comes to dating apps, is double-texting a bad idea? If you're interested in someone and they didn't respond the first time, send them another text. of three times, versus one in if no second message was sent.

Conversely, if you sent them a laundry list of questions, condense it, and go straight for the setting up a time to talk in person. There is no sense sending a second message repeating the first. Hope that was helpful : Keep us posted!

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