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By Syndicated columns By Craig Medred The 49th state is quickly approaching a point where it has more reality shows than salmon — and there are a lot of salmon up here. Unfortunately, the call of the wild, ratings dreams and tax credits haven't always attracted Hollywood's finest. When the reporting staff of AlaskaDispatch.

The difficulty came in deciding which was the worst among the bad. About the only reality show that looks real to the people who live here is "Deadliest Catch," which has picked up 10 Emmys in nine seasons.

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Most of the rest do a spectacular job of misrepresenting the state and the people who call it home. Some, like "Ultimate Survival Alaska," are fake, fake, fake.

Others, such as "Wild West Alaska," make us look like deranged misfits. And then there is "Alaska Moose Men," which would be better if it were about creatures who are half-human, half-moose, as its title suggests. Into this mix now comes MTV's planned reality series "Slednecks.

There will no doubt be plenty of backwoods beer-drinking, bear-fearing and beard-sporting, too, for people who haven't gotten enough from the dating tv shows zero people Alaska shows. Whatever reality "Slednecks" depicts, it will probably have little to do with how most Alaskans live.

Alaska isn't as wild and crazy as seen on TV. Beyond a mile, the state gets wilder, but it's all been mapped and trodden, and Alaskans are game-managing the hell out of it. We're busy killing wolves and bears to help "grow more moose," as the Alaska Moose Men would say.

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Though sometimes when we want big game, we just farm it. When "Wild West Alaska" went on a wild elk hunt, the stars scrambled into a floatplane at Lake Hood in Anchorage and made a short hop across Cook Inlet — to a place where the only elk are at the farm where the hunt was staged. The average Alaskan is more at home in or near civilization than in the wild, though you wouldn't know it from watching "Life Below Zero.

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More than half of Alaska'sresidents live in Anchorage or just north in suburbs known as the Valley. Former governor and Wasilla mayor Sarah Palin grew up a Valley girl.

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Add in the people of Fairbanks and Juneau, the capital, and you've captured two-thirds of the state population. Wild Alaska does sometimes interject itself — it's not unusual to show zero people a moose, or even a bear, in Anchorage — but at the foot of the awe-inspiring mountains is a pretty mundane landscape, with sprawling subdivisions of cookie-cutter houses, plenty of fast-food restaurants and the usual big-box stores.

Of course, crazy people doing crazy things in crazy places makes for better TV. So the Alaska reality programs play up the freak-show aspects. Witness Timothy Treadwell, star of the documentary "Grizzly Man," who, along with his girlfriend, was eaten by a bear.

This is real, not reality. On Alaska reality TV, cut to a commercial, and somehow everyone is always fine when the show returns.

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Producers don't want to assume liability for someone being seriously injured or actually dying on set. They employ safety officers to make sure that doesn't happen.

Although the Season 2 trailer for "Bering Sea.

How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps - Christina Wallace

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