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Perfect and imperfect rhymes

Words in Literature and Poetry Definition are not complete, but any poetry anthology or literary text would provide exact definition of terms. Figurative Language A Literary Vocabulary Terms Specific to Poetry Literary Forms fiction - many novels are written in more than one form, and there are many more forms.

This is a beginner's sampling. Historical fiction - a "made up" story which has as setting a specific and recognizable historical time period which could not have been during the author's lifetime.

These novels and stories often include characters and places which are historically accurate, and many include historical documents as well. Documentary fiction - a "made up" story which uses a collage of documents, in addition to dialogue and narration, to help to tell the story.

Some documentary fiction you will read as an adult uses actual news stories, letters, diaries, etc. Example: Nothing But the Truth. Science fiction - originally, a story which used the science of the future as a major element of plot or setting.

The Rhymer's Word List: dating quest near rhyme

This meaning has been stretched to include all future or utopian, time travel, space, alien contact, and dimension travel stories, as well as to include some elements of fantasy. You study these stories in Lower School. In Middle School, you need to remember them and watch for "folklore" elements to appear in your reading.

Realistic Fiction - novels and stories which are "real" in that they take place in a time and place like a present, or recent past, time and place, have plots which are possible, and have characters which are believable as real people. Examples: Hatchet, Shabanu.

Fantasy - fantasy novels and stories cover a wide dating quest near rhyme of "real-unreal" plots, characters and settings. Some identifying characteristics are: animals as characters, magical events, imaginary beings as characters.

Fantasies often involve a search or quest of some type and ask the reader to temporarily believe in the possibility of events and characters.

Mystery - a mystery novel contains a puzzle and challenges the reader to join the detective character who eventually solves the puzzle. Collecting clues is a vital skill for mystery readers.

You should be on the lookout for: 3 related events, 3 connected characters, 3 rules, 3 punishments, 3 objects, 3 relationships which are compared and contrasted.

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Types of characters: Major or Minor: Major characters appear throughout the novel, or in a dating quest near rhyme section of it - they are involved in the important actions and conflicts. Minor characters enter the novel for a specific reason and may then not be heard of again - or they may exist throughout the novel "in the shadow" of the major character - they may be involved in a conflict with a major character and are essential to the plot, https://worlddating7.top/tag10/dating-after-493.php only so that something can be learned or shown about the major character.

Round or Flat: Round Characters have many sides - they grow or dating quest near rhyme in several ways - they think and react on many levels - they are central to the story, its conflicts, and its final message - we care about them and tend to react along with them to the things that happen. Narrative Focus - The character around whom the story moves - we often see only those.

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