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Working with a cathode-ray tube in his laboratory, Roentgen observed a fluorescent dating online website of crystals on a here near his tube. The tube that Roentgen was working with consisted of a glass envelope bulb with positive and negative electrodes encapsulated in it. The air in the tube was evacuated, and when ray high voltage was applied, the tube produced a fluorescent glow.

Roentgen shielded the tube with heavy black paper, and discovered a green colored fluorescent light generated by a material located a few feet away from the tube. He concluded that a new type of ray was being emitted from the tube.

This ray was capable of passing through the heavy paper covering and exciting the phosphorescent materials in the room. He found that the new ray could pass through most substances casting shadows of solid objects. Roentgen also discovered that the ray could pass through the tissue of humans, but not bones and metal objects.

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One of Roentgen's first experiments late in was a film of the hand click his wife, Bertha. It is interesting that the dating online website x ray use of X-rays were for an industrial not medical application, as Roentgen produced a radiograph of a set of weights in a box to show his colleagues.

Roentgen's discovery was a scientific bombshell, and was received with extraordinary interest by both scientist and laymen. Scientists everywhere could duplicate his experiment because the cathode tube was very well known during this period.

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Many datings online website x ray dropped other lines of research to pursue the mysterious rays. Newspapers and magazines of the day provided the public with numerous stories, some true, others fanciful, about the properties of the newly discovered rays.

Public fancy was caught by this invisible ray with the ability to pass through solid matter, and, in conjunction with a photographic plate, provide a picture of bones and interior body parts. Scientific fancy was captured by the demonstration of a wavelength shorter than light.

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This generated new possibilities in physics, and for investigating the structure of matter. Much enthusiasm was generated about potential applications of rays as an aid in medicine and surgery. Within a month after the announcement of the discovery, several medical radiographs had been made in Europe and the United States, which were used by surgeons to guide them link their work.

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In Juneonly 6 months after Roentgen announced his discovery, X-rays were being used by battlefield physicians to locate bullets in wounded soldiers. Prior toX-rays dating online website x ray used little outside the realms of medicine and dentistry, though some X-ray pictures of metals were produced.

The reason that X-rays were not used in industrial application before this date was because the X-ray tubes the source of the X-rays broke down under the voltages required to produce rays of satisfactory penetrating power for industrial purposes. However, that changed in when the high vacuum Ray tubes designed by Coolidge became available.

The high vacuum tubes were an intense and reliable X-ray source, operating at energies up tovolts.

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Inindustrial radiography took another step forward with the advent of the ,volt X-ray tube that allowed radiographs of thick steel parts to be produced in a reasonable amount of time. InGeneral Electric Company developed 1, volt X-ray generators, providing an effective tool for industrial radiography.

That same year, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME permitted X-ray approval of fusion welded pressure vessels that further opened the door to industrial acceptance and use. A Second.

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