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With a plethora of tourist-friendly destinations and modes of transport today, travel has never been this much fun.

The holiday season is around the corner, and travellers have already begun to scout around for the best experiences. Visa application is a key aspect of any foreign travel, and an early start could alleviate some of the anxiety sometimes associated with the application process.

With an aim to enhance the visa application experience for travellers and make it more convenient and hassle-free, the VFS Global offers a range of innovative services that can go a long way in enhancing your visa application experience. This service gives applicants the flexibility of submitting visa applications and enrolling biometrics from a convenient location.

The service is ideal for large groups travelling together, as all applicants can submit applications on the same date and at the same location. VFS Global staff will ensure all applications are complete and ready for processing.

Top Secret …. how to get a UK Visa: dating online uk visa value

Ideal for individuals, students and group travellers Available on any day of the week End-to-end personalised assistance Premium Lounge Enjoy personalised assistance while submitting your visa application in the comfort of a luxurious dating online uk visa value. Spacious and luxurious facility More personalised services for every applicant Quicker completion of the submission process Group Appointment Customers travelling in a group can use this service to ensure that the whole group can apply at the same visa application centre at a particular time and day.

This optional service is extended to all groups, including tour operators, large families, conferences etc. The VFS Global will process your visa application without a pre-booked appointment.

Who have missed their appointment Who turned up late for an existing appointment Who have booked an appointment online but want an earlier date Form-Filling Assistance Receive end-to-end assistance with completing and submitting your visa application form at any of our Visa Application Centres or via our call centre.

Our in-house experts will provide professional guidance at the centre closest to you. Now submit certified photocopies instead of original documents in your application pack. Retain your original documents when submitting a visa application Get official endorsement on document photocopies Travel Shops Travelling to the UK, Dubai or France from India?

Enjoy a little retail therapy while submitting your visa applications. You can purchase from a range of the most popular products and services in any of these destinations through our Dubai, Britain or France Travel Shops, available at select centres.

Translation Services Did you know that there are over 6, languages in the world? When applying for your visa, you can opt to have your documents translated at the visa application centre, prior to submission.

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Guidance by professional translators ensures a more seamless visa submission process. The services are charged in addition to the visa application fee. Please check with the VFS Global representative in your city or country for details.

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